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Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast

Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast

Balloon Aloft – The Safest Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast

hot air balloon gold coastAnd, not only that, but the absolute best views.  Balloon Aloft’s hot air balloon Gold Coast flights actually fly over the Gold Coast.  Not the hinterland, or western districts away from the amazing ocean and broadwater views. On the right day, you get it all, the ocean and beaches, the broadwater and marinas, the high rises, the mountains and all of the majesty that the Gold Coast is famous for.

Plus, on this Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast ride, you don’t travel hours and hours to get to you take off point.  Balloon Aloft fly FROM the actual Gold Coast and as soon as you are airborn, you get the views you asked for.

I am honestly thinking I will take a ride on this hot air balloon Gold Coast, I have flow over and alongside the Coast on many occasions, and always wanted the Qantas or Virgin flight to slow down so I could really enjoy the view.  In a Hot Air Balloon, you have all the time in the world…

So, apart from the convenience and the views, why else would you fly with Balloon Aloft?  Well as they state” Balloon Aloft is a local business in every sense of the word.  We have been established on the Coast for over 2 decades, we employ locals, and we strongly support local business and the Gold Coast community.”

Bob and the team wanted their business to rise even higher (in the search rankings) so they could get more people flying who were looking for Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast and other similar terms on search.  Website Essentials was referred to them by a fellow pilot and we immediately realised we would love to work with this reputable and friendly local company.

Looking for Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast on Google?  Click on Balloon Aloft, you wont be disappointed…


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