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There’s SEO and then there’s SEO – that’s why we trust the services of Mark Tull’s Website Essentials.

( Thanks Jamie for this article, much appreciated Mark Tull )

Search Engine Optimising is considered by some a simple addition to any website. Add a few keywords, and a description to your web page header, register your site to Google and Bob’s you’re uncle, right? Wrong.

There’s SEO and then there’s SEO!

mark tull

With today’s complexities and every changing algorithms of Google’s search engine (and others such as Bing), understanding how to target your website to the right audience via a smarter SEO strategy, that’s perfectly implimented is a much more specialised and at times critical task than one might think. Get it wrong and you may never land a useful organic search result, or worse, actually be blocked by Google… what? How? Why? Continue reading and learn!

Being Mobile Friendly with Uncle Google

Our fine friend uncle (or auntie Google as we like to call her) is logically a complex computer search database that delivers content in the most convenient way possible. It’s recent mobile friendly page delivery is one such example: If your site is designed to be responsive and mobile friendly, with correct font sizes and easy to navigate with a thumb or forefinger menu on a tablet or iPhone for example, then you’re in the good books: you’ll be listed on the Google search engine to those actively using mobiles. If your site is not mobile friendly however, you might not be ‘discoverable’ to the mobile audience what so ever. This can be virtually be considered a black ban, and how to work around this problem is something that you might want to consider when talking to Website Essentials. And this is tip of the iceberg stuff, in the mobile field at least, however the first port of call when considering how to implement a good SEO strategy does revolve around content – hopefully qualified content.

Qualified Content – it takes time to bake a winner!

Qualified content, or being listed by Google as providing content that is seen as a positive reference – i.e. content that is well written, truthful and informative is critically important. Do this well and your site’s organic ranks are likely to climb. As I like to say, content is often King, however there’s much more to it. Mark Tull of Website Essentials worked extensively on strategy design for Essentials Magazine to enable us to find a wider audience and this allowed us to gain top-tier organic search rankings. This took careful design management, content reconfiguration, keyword planning, site links and time – yes we did wait. And I don’t care what you might have heard, but no-one’s an overnight success – not even Kylie Minogue. Quality content, keyword design and implementation and any possible URL referrals (yes these also help) simply take time. Mark Tull knows all about it, and is ready to help others carefully navigate the paths towards SEO success. We simply recommend you speak with him – simple!

Can you think like your target audience?

It’s easy to plan SEO based on what you feel is right; but planning SEO around your target demographic is a whole different kettle of fish. Like any advertising space, search engines like Google are highly competitive – everyone’s fighting for the top spot, and it can be a mighty task to nail it. But what if you got it all wrong gaining great organic search result rankings for the wrong keywords or phrases? Being able to analyse your target audience and think like they do is something Website Essentials can manage, and manage with absolute precision. This is done with a set of Google analytical keyword tools, designed to help refine your keyword positioning. For more detail on keyword targeting for organic search results, we recommend you talk with Mark Tull, as he’s got a knack of explaining the complex in easy-to-follow lay-person terms. He makes it all sound like baking a cake, however truth be told, his ingredient list is mighty complex. Anyone for tea?

Google Analytics & Search Console – understanding your site’s visitors and keyword rankings

Website Essentials provides a great service to its clients; this being linking websites to Google Analytics and Google’s Search Console. So what are they? In short Google Analytics it’s the world’s most advanced, re-time analytics tool that is able to deliver a exact report on who is visiting your website, daily, monthly, annual or in real time. Google’s Search Console is an official way to link or register your site to Google, however it’s far smarter with keyword ranking reports, URL link reports and a myriad of useful tools.

Website Essentials can monitor your site’s performance via Google Analytics & Google Search Console and report back to you on just how well your site is performing. This data is reviewed weekly or monthly and fine tuning of your site’s SEO will take place if required.

Do we really need the expert help?

So do we need to pay for SEO expert help? And who to trust in this area of expertise?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly received a barrage of OS SEO companies spamming me in the past, all with scare-tactic measures designed to force their hand, take my cash and deliver false promises. Frankly, it’s poor communication, a negative strategy and I see right through their evil ways. So, can you imagine my delight when a trusted college recommended Mark Tull’s Website Essentials SEO service to me? Bingo! Next thing I was on the phone talking to a real human about the complexities of SEO, and was shown the light – i.e. how to take simple smart steps toward affordable SEO management. Needless to say, I’ve never looked back. I’ve enjoyed continually working with Mark Tull and the entire Website Essentials team, and now refer my own clients to Mark almost on a weekly basis.

If you’re like to learn more about a clever SEO strategy for your website, simply pick up the phone! Allow uncle Mark and aunty Google do the work for you. After all SEO for your website needn’t be so painful. For me, now SEO is a simple delight.

– Jamie Durrant, Director Essentials Magazine & Multimedia

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