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Velocity Energy

Velocity Energy

Building the Smart Grid of Tomorrow – Velocity Energy

Velocity Energy are the Australian leaders in Peak demand and Demand Management.  They specialise in Peak Demand Management for your power generation.

Velocity EnergyTheir expertise extends to solutions in Reserve Capacity and Smart Grid Virtual Power Station outcomes.  Their team work for the nations distribution network service providers and energy retailers as well as generation asset owners and original equipment manufacturers to allow technology to provide better results in power generation and supply.

Velocity Energy offer a value choice by providing an uncompromising policy towards safety, quality and the environment through adherence to best practice standards.  Velocity Energy designs and integrated solution ensure maximum utilization and return on assets.  The Velocity Energy team can demonstrate a proven history in

  • Velocity Energy Peaking solutions for utility operators
  • Best practice in asset management
  • DNSP connection agreements
  • High end control system design & installation
  • Asset audits

Velocity Energy products and services include energy aggregation and demand response services for Distribution Network Service Providers and Energy Retailers.  They also provide Generator Connection Deed consultation and negotiation and generator asset management, mains grid generation control design and are the installation specialists.

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