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Charlee Rose

Charlee Rose – Ladies Fashion Wear

Lisa and the team at Charlee Rose have a brand new website, and its full of ladies Kaftans and beach dresses and accessories.  They built a great ladies fashion website after a long time of selling via word of mouth.  Now it was time for them to break into the online space and they were referred to Website Essentials.

charlee roseTheir web designer did a great job on Charlee Rose with an excellent and simple Ladies Kaftans shopping cart, but it needed the Website Essentials.  The initial conversation and meeting allowed us to investigate their site and competition and give Charlee Rose an immediate presence online and bought them straight infront of their market in Australia.

We then went about giving the site and system all the tools and enhancements to allow shoppers to buy with confidence and with ease.  The initial SEO and registrations were carried out and we started the process of getting them to front page on organic search.

Then we concentrated on bringing this site up out of the usual shopping cart 2% conversion rule and applied the many proven tactics to the site to achieve this.  Charlee Rose is now well on the way to reaching more and more of the Australian market, to showcase their soft and gorgeous kaftans and beach dresses.

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