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Gold Coast Website Designers

With over 500 Gold Coast Website Designers how do you choose the right one?

IMG_2851It’s simple really…. When you need a new website,  look for Gold Coast Website Designers that specialise in your area.  If you are a Small to Medium Business you should look for Gold Coast Website Designers that have active clients and lots of them in your sector.  Seeing a healthy current website design production list is terribly important.  When you see a past clients list, it may well have been years since these sites were build and the Gold Coast Website Designers who made them many not even do the work on the site now, they may have been sacked.

Click this link to look at one Gold Coast Website Designers current work list…

Then you need to look at what do you actually get as part of your new website when looking for Gold Coast Website Designers.  Most, if not all Gold Coast Website Designers do just that, use a web designer to build you a website based on the content you give them for it.  This is not what you need.  You need a professionally designed branded website with the right call to actions by a real graphic artist.  You must have the site built to the current needs of Australians on the Internet.  You must have your new website built so that Google, Yahoo and Bing love it, and reward you by making it show on front page of search for the keyword search terms that bring you work, not just your own name.  Gold Coast Website Designers must supply you with this as part of your new website build, otherwise it will be another invisible asset for your business.

So when looking amongst the 500 odd Gold Coast Website Designers, have a good look and see the 10 steps to a successful Small Business Website that you need.  Website Essentials works, because of the 10 steps, not just because we are good Gold Coast Website Designers.


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