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Thank You

Thank You

For being a Website Essentials Client..

As you may know, had a couple of games of rugby league last week, and yes, received a dislocated Left AC (shoulder). Going to see the Ortho Surgeon on Friday and typing a bit slow at the moment….but that’s another story

This story is about your business and how much we appreciate it.  We know times have been tough in the past few months, we have first hand experience with the floods and cyclone, and know the effects of these and the other floods and fires, and of course the poor buggas in Christchurch.  Then Japan.  It hurts peoples confidence, it hurts our business and yours and we needed to do something to say thanks to you and to try and help you through this rough time. You graciously assisted us with the floods and cyclone with either physical or monetary support, or just plain good spirit in allowing us a bit of an absence from our duties with you.

Below is an image of a cheque for $100. Its yours.  You can use this against any invoice from us in the next 3 months to the end of June 2011.  One cheque per client and applies to one invoice only.  Simply fill in the form on the left of this page with your name, company, phone and email and in the website URL put THANKS.

chq2I will pass this to Chenoa and we will apply it to the next invoice that you pay on time, and $100 under what you should pay.  It doesn’t matter if you are an SEO client, a PPC client, a website design client or a repair, hosting renewal or anything else, you can use it on any of them.

Simply fill in the form, and then, on next months invoice, underpay it by $100 and its done.

Thanks for being a great client, they are hard to find and we hope this helps.  Also, (yea, I know… here comes the marketing push) if you refer anyone to us for a service and they come on board as a client, we will send you another $100 cheque.

If all of your suppliers did this, Australia would be in better shape…

My Best Regards

Mark Tull

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