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This is a Free Service & there are NO ongoing commitments!

Hopefully you are here because you would like an expert 2nd Opinion on your current Search Engine Optimisation or Adwords or Pay Per Click service or provider.  Everyone these days are an expert in online marketing, but very, very few are.

Most people in your situation will either wait until they are sick and tired of their current provider or they have to wait until their contract is up.  Then they try to find another provider or do it themselves.  There is a better way to benchmark your current Internet Marketing performance.

I am fairly flat out looking after my range of clients that I have retained over the years.  But I still get great satisfaction in helping those I dont know to avoid disasters, find a better way, and benefit from my experience.  This is not an academic exercise, buy prescription drugs there are real facts and figures on offer here, and no punches are pulled.

Get a second opinion, from an expert.  If you would like to read my bio, click here. A company I set up became a Google Contractor.  I have been to Google, had breakfast & lunch there, been to the Google Birthday Parties, been trained by them… You could say I have been Googled!

I sold this company and now have a nice, cottage sized firm of great employees and expert friends.

If you would like me to cast an eye over your present operation and its performance for free,  use the form on the left.  If you would like a chat about the doubts or worries that you have with your results and performance on Google Adwords, Yahoo and MSN or with your Search Engine Optimisation service and associated costs, then give me a call Mon to Saturday 9am to 6pm Eastern Standard Time (Australia)  +61 7 5528 2525

I will need to get some access to your analytics and adwords, but this can be via an online meeting so there is no divulging passwords, no ongoing access by me, and most importantly, no tracking possible from your current provider.  Get an expert 2nd opinion and find out how well you are really doing, not how well you are told you are doing.

Its FREE & NO strings attached…

Best Regards

Mark Tull

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