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Tunnel Washer

Tunnel Washer

Washcomm introduces the Carbonell Tunnel Washer

Launched in Australia by Wash Comm.  The Carbonell Tunnel Washer is a completely modular system of washing massive amounts of laundry and linen.  Established in 1918 as an exclusive manufacturer of Laundry machinery, Wash Comm have secured the rights for Australian sales and have already started to install these amazing machines.

tunnelwasherThey needed a new site for the machine to be found on search, and the logical choice which was available was  This new site will be an information and brochure site for owners and operators of commercial laundries can quickly find the relevent specs and data on these amazing pieces of equipment.

Being modular, the benefits of this system is that each module operates and functions independently of each other module.  The system does not use a counter flow and the modules complete 11 revolutions a minute for a superb mechanical washing action.   This is unachievable in any other tunnel washer system.

Each module is designed to wash batches of 72 KG or 110 KG which means these machines process amazing amounts of laundry.  Wash Comm chose Website Essentials to carry out the full design, SEO, lead generation and most importantly, fully accountability and reporting for the new site, which had to be a self editing CMS system.  Tunnel Washer was obtained and a holding page put up whilst the site is designed and the news is spread.

WE look forward to assisting tunnel washer to find its feet on search and help Wash Comm enter the Australian market on search for Carbonell Tunnel Washers

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