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Jemiila Coffee

Jemiila Coffee

Premium Jemiila Coffee –  Regular Coffee Prices

Its all about the beans they tell me.  Jemiila Coffee was born of a need for coffee shops, carts and restaurants to find a premium bean at a standard bean price.


After many years, a way was found to buy and roast superior coffee and be able to wholesale it at a standard coffee price.  Then, of course the owners needed to find a name that was both iconic and could also be used to express great love of coffee.  Jemiila was born.

Initially distributing to the South East of Queensland, the Jemiila Coffee Company needed a fast solution to being found on search, and at the same time, an easily self managed and self SEO site that would allow them to grow their online business at the same time as growing their wholesale network.  Plans for the future needed to allow for simple and secure online ordering and much much more.

Website Essentials was chosen for the job and we got to work on an immediate presence for Jemiila to allow them to get off  the ground and running with email addresses and a need to be found for their brand name yesterday!  No rush at all really.

A one stop shop for domain name, hosting, website presence, CMS, SEO and Webmaster Tools and reporting tools was thrown up and almost overnight, they were up and running and found on search.

If you are looking for a premium bean for your establishment, and need to be more price conscious to ensure your profit margins grow as does your repeat business from using an amazing coffee, then all you have to do now is go to Google, Bing or Yahoo and search for the brand you need.  Jemiila.


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