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We are trialling Assist AD

We are very pleased to announce that we are part of the Beta team to be trialling the revolutionary new way to manage your Google Adwords, Assist AD.

This has been born from nearly a decade of Adwords management by one of the very best in the game.  He was so good in fact, I hired him and imported him on a 457 visa from the UK back in the naughties.

assist adOnce I sold the business this Adwords Expert went to the top Google Adwords Resellers in the country and did his usual, wonderful work, managing Adwords accounts and making them sing for the client.  All this time, he knew that both agencies, and individual Adwords clients who self managed, needed help.  This is were Assist AD was created from scratch, to fill a void.

I had a preview of Assist Ad today and it ticks all the boxes.  It will be a great training tool, a wonderful work scheduling tool, and finally, Assist AD fills the void in Google by giving you a trackable, basic, medium and advanced optimisation and task manager, plus, it also drives you to do better and with less.

I think they are on a winner, and I look forward to being on the Assist AD Beta team to take this much needed product to its finest, and thus help all those that struggle with Adwords, or the grind of adwords management.

AssistAD will no doubt grow, but based on the past credibility of the founder, his expert Adwords status, and his recent world recognition by Google Adwords with a trip to Google HQ for all his good work, I am proud that I hired him, and I can now claim he is consulting to us.

Website Essentials looks forward to using Assist Ad for all our Adwords clients.

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