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Sack Your Website

Sack Your Website

How to have a Successful Website Seminars – Gold Coast from Sack Your Website has launced and now you can get expert advice on what you have to do to make your website the best member of your business team.  If your current website is underperforming, the monthly seminar on the Gold Coast called Sack Your Website will give you the information, guidance and clear path to be able to sack your current website, and build one that will perform.

logowebno1Your website is your most valuable employee.  Its a mix of a receptionist, salesperson, product manager, field rep, bookkeeper and even an accountant.  It is also partly your sales manager and your partner in your business.  If it is not pulling its weight in these tough times, your business is suffering.

Its never been easier to sack your website, and there are no wrongful dismissal laws to worry about, but, don’t just build another website.  Build one that is guaranteed to work.  How can this be so?  It’s simle.  There is a process, with the information that you need to build a site that will both rank on search terms that are important to you on search engines, and at the same time, lead generate, or sell, or join up, or whatever is the logical outcome for a visitor to your site to become a client.

Your website has to perform these two functions exceptionally well, or it is simply costing you money and taking up space.  In fact, it’s probably holding you back.  You have to have the information that is available at Sack Your Website before you can build a site that works, otherwise you will just fall back into the endless website design cycle, which is discussed in this website success seminar.  The average Aussie business rebuilds its website 5 times, don’t make this mistake.

Build a website once, make it work, and allow it to grow with you.  To register for the next Sack Your Website Seminar, click here or visit the website

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