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This is exciting – The Launch Of CBD Live

Its not every day you get to be involved in the launch of a brand new venue like CBD Live.

This amazing venue has undergone a massive technology upgrade and is now rated by many as the very best sound system on the Gold Coast.  CBD Live is now attracting the very best artists, bands and tribute shows.

Just some of these include Richard Clapton, Justice Crew, Kasey Chambers, Boom Crash Opera, Diesel, and many many more.   Being able to hold 1000 fans, this is a big show venue for a small intimate crowd.

We have been tasked to get CBD Live found and selling tickets.  We have worked with the venue to ensure their website is spot on, find able and works fast.  The mobile version has to be spot on for the audience demographics they are attracting, and all the Website Essentials are being put in place to get them found by you.

If you are looking for great entertainment on the Gold Coast, with great parking, easy public transport right past the front door, excellent service and amenities, food, drink and even a courtesy bus, the CBD has it all.

Keep an eye out for a growing presence on search for CBD Live and join the growing crowds of fans catching up with their favourite artists, right here on the Gold Coast, every weekend.  Its a pleasure to help you find and enjoy CBD Live.

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